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Clean Sweep is expect to be release to armaholic in mid-july

And YES IT IS BETA compatibility :)

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kanadetachibana0 a posted Jun 1, 13
New information and update          

I am back where i was doing my mission from study and stuff. so yeah.

i post a notice about me being back and updating the missions with current script version and stuff.
if you notice Arma 3 Mission Library Section is being changed around. I separate discussion and suggestion/bug forums keep them civil as possible and it doesn't look confused for others.
I created Calender on the forums to keep track hehe

Release Schedule

All missions update is currently TBA, if you want date and time go to http://kanadetachibana.enjin.com/forum/m/12702204/viewthread/7250286-release-schdule

Arma 3 missions

There are some script got bad/corrupted from Arma 3 updating.

operation Stratis and Lighting strike going to F3 Framework mission dev soon they will be look different the way i made them. also UPSMON ^.^

Clean Sweep, it just need update for BTC revive,VAS and view distance. testing welcome message when ppl join an server with this mission it will tell them what objective :)

Bad to Worse,New mission under dev, it is squad level, MH-6j got shot down and trying to get to LZ. Somehow you lose all of your weapon from helicopter. lucky pilot manage to drop ammo box of survival members, then reach FOB Raccoon city.

For the AI Spawn i use UPSMON

Scripts i use,
BTC Revive
VAS by Tonic
View Distance by Tonic

Mission Dev by F3 Framework

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